You have a rooster. His nameĀ is George. He was a cute little guy. You have pictures of him on your computer. On your office wall. On your coffee mug. George. Oh, you beautiful Red Shoulder Cuckoo Marans Orpington. How you love him.


(“The Pop Art Chicken” by

One day George says “NO LONGER”! He is tired of watching you chase his hens so that you can get another cool Facebook photo.


(ok, I know. I’m holding a rooster)

George has gone from “fluffy-wuffy-cute-butt” to “warrior of the thousand spurs”. In this instant, you realize George isn’t just a chicken. He’s a man chicken. George has declared himself the protector of the flock, like all roosters believe they are. Now, don’t act shocked and do not act in anger. After all, George would probably try to protect his lovely ladies from any other critter he declared as a predator or trespasser. You have three choices for George now:

  • Give George away. Someone else may want George. Make sure that the adopter is fully aware of George’s recent occupation change to “Stabby Whoosh Flap Ninja” so that the adopter is not suddenly shocked by his amazing hen protecting capabilities
  • Eat George. Humanely put George down and use what you can. You can eat the meat and save his feathers.
  • Keep George. Afterall, George is a super rare Lemon Oreo Butterscotch Barred Wyandotte. Just be careful when entering his area and do not let children anywhere near him.

Now, every so often a mean rooster does pop up for no particular rooster. The above STILL applies! Do not abuse your rooster. There is a disgusting amount of rooster abuse that nobody talks about. Throwing rocks at him, letting him starve to death, and laughing while he’s being eaten by coyotes is ABUSE. You better believe it. Animal abuse doesn’t happen to just cats and dogs. It happens to chickens too.



Do not tolerate rooster abuse.
If you are interested in rehoming your rooster, try talking with a local farm Facebook page to see if they’ll help you find a home. Another place to rehome roosters on Facebook is Adopt A Roo. A final option is to advertise your rooster on Craigslist.