Many of you know by now that John and I have been having some problems with thieves very recently. Well, it continues.

John and I went to Wal Mart and Sam’s Club. Oddly enough, we looked at surveillance cameras due to the recent break-in. We got home after a couple hours to see that a bunch of the 5-week old chicks were running loose…we looked just beyond that to see 11 of our emus (9 adults, 2 juveniles) running loose outside the pen.

Now, these emus have a pretty big pen. However, outside the pen is 20 – 30 acres that is only 3/4 of the way fenced. We tried to get the emus to go back ourselves and it didn’t work. Our landlord, Jerry (the guy who headlocked the emus when we first got them, yea, the awesome guy), came over and helped.

It was too much for us in too big an area.

A few hours and many phone calls later, we had an amazing team of 10 people altogether. Including John and I, only 4 of these people had any experience with emus.

(You gotta watch out for dem feet and look at how the jagged their legs are)

Let me tell you what…it takes GUTS to deal with emus gone wild. They’re very intimidating birds that are even scarier in the dark. We worked til almost midnight, trying to pen up emus…we managed to get 4 adults and the two juveniles in the pen. The rest of them were starting to bed down and it was almost impossible to see anything.

The next day, we had John, Jerry, myself, and our pastor, Duane. Ok, how many of you have a pastor who has wrangled emus? Yea, it was pretty awesome! The first 4 emus went in really quickly. It took less than an hour. The next one was a little more difficult. This emu (she) decided to go to the other side of the property. The guys took trucks out to the field to try to herd her…turns out that she was more interested in FOLLOWING the trucks. Another 30 mins – 1 hour later and she was also in the pen.

Only one injury occurred. At one point John was blocking an emu from going past him and instead…the emu decided to go on top of him! He wasn’t too badly hurt, but he did rip his shirt and now has a scratch on his chest in the shape of the letter “F”. Not sure how that happened, but it did!

Now, I’m going to get real honest with you guys, for a minute. The first hour of this whole thing consisted of me crying, thinking about Wilbur, thinking about the thieves, and thinking about the fact that if those emus crossed into the road or another property, we may have to shoot them. I doubted myself and my ability to keep anything going smoothly.

But when I saw how many people showed up to help us, it really set my perspective right. It was a long, hard evening…but I was surrounded by people who drove out in the middle of the night to try to catch 9 unhappy adult emus (not to mention that this was all underneath a bunch of trees and each tree had a bajillion huge spiders and webs). By the end of the night, I was OK again. We didn’t get all the emus caught yet, but I was able to smile and laugh about it. I knew that tomorrow would be easier.

And it was easier. Even now, I feel OK about everything. I’m still hurt, but I know everything is going to work out.

(Archimedes looking like he’s partied a little too hard)


I also want to mention that the emus are not bad guys. Like one of my blog entries says, Emus Are The Good Guys! They didn’t try to attack anyone. They were scared. If someone came up to you from behind and tried to drag you into a pen (van, building, etc), wouldn’t you fight back too? That is what the emus did. We still love them.