Welcome to Abundance Farms’ newest series:

Made In Texas – FOOD

    I’ll be featuring some items found on the Internet or the roads of Texas that I have a particular interest in. All items shown will handmade or locally grown. Stay tuned EVERY Saturday for Made In Texas. Read more to see today’s features.

WHR_WACOWorld Hunger Relief | Elm Mott, TX


Everytime I find myself at WHR, it’s an interesting experience! The first time I went there, it was not on purpose. My husband and I were new to the area still and were adventuring our way down various roads. We saw the sign for WHR and decided it would be interesting to wander that way. We were so impressed when we saw their beautiful milk goats! At the time, we only had pygmies, so these milk goats seemed huge! Suddenly, I had an interest in milking a goat.

A few months later, we had a bad momma goat. She had twins, but wasn’t caring for one of them. The little guy had decided that he would NOT take milk replacer. The only thing I could think of was to try to get real goat’s milk. Now, I did have an interest in milking a goat; however, I found out that I’m horrible at it AND that pygmies really don’t give much milk. I found myself back at WHR, looking at goat’s milk. There was a young lady there who offered answers to the questions I had and I left with a half gallon of goat’s milk. The little buck loved it (as did my husband)! It’s always nice to know that there is a local business with kind advise for the newbie goat step-mom. WHR sells meat products, milk, and fresh produce at their facility and at the Waco Downtown Farmer’s Market. Be sure to check them out!




Homecooked Meal | Cafe Homestead | Waco, TX


Looking for a delicious meal made from organic, local, and fresh products? Cafe Homestead is the place to be! My personal favorite is their blueberry pancakes. They are easily the best pancakes I’ve ever had! One another occasion, I had the Mediterranean Chicken Sandwhich. I remember using a large bundle of napkins and thoroughly enjoying amazing lunch meal. The one thing that I have been just wishing to experience is their Farm to Table Dinners. On select Saturdays throughout the year, they host a themed dinner. This could mean Thai, Brazillian, or any number of other exotic dinner meals. In April 2012, they even had a guest chef that had been the personal chef to President George W. Bush! If you find yourself in the area of Waco, Texas, be sure to stop by Cafe Homestead and prepare yourself for a delicious time.