Let me let you in a little secret…I have never purchased anything from Etsy until VERY recently. About 6 months ago, I found myself at an arts and crafts show. I found peppermint soap and thought it sounded fantastic! I loved it, used it, and it was gone. I had to go back to normal, plain, store bought soap. It’s amazing how disappointing it was to not smell that lovely aroma of peppermint in the shower. Finally, I said NO MORE! I went to Etsy, looked for peppermint soap, and found a shop called Bubbles & Beads ( The shop was having a clearance on Candy Cane/Peppermint soap. Much to my pleasure, my husband ordered me the last two bars. Read more to find out about my experience…

You know how when you see something that looks really pretty in pictures, but then you get it and it’s actually not that great? I was very happy to find that Bubbles and Beads’ Peppermint soap was great in photograph and great in person! This soap will easily make your guests say WOW when they (hopefully) wash their hands in your bathroom. You almost don’t want to use the bar of soap just because it looks so fabulous. Even now, I have a bar of the soap on my desk, safely protected from the soap-disintigrating ways of water. While I’m a farm girl in the barnyard, I’m a lady in the house! Or at least I try to be. I love the clear strip that goes through the center of the bar and showcases little squares of red and white. This takes plain, boring soap and makes it ARTISTIC and CREATIVE. Let me tell you what, you’ll be a fashionista in your birthday suit with this bar of soap as an accessory (this of it as some kind of strange, water soluble, scented purse and strut your stuff).

As you may have guessed, it does smell like peppermint. If you’re wanting your whole house to smell like peppermint after you shower, I’d recommend a different bar of soap (or maybe a Scentsy). I have recently found out that I’m rather sensitive to strong perfumey smells. I start sneezing up a storm. It’s rather disgusting and a bit embarrassing at church (thankfully, it didn’t occur during the “with every head bowed and every eyes closed” part…whew). For me, this soap is a great combination of scent and sublety. It’s enough to wake me up in the morning and later on it aids in the removal of animal poop-related smells. Plus, I smell like candy. Men like candy…if you know what I’m saying, ladies *wink wink*

The only downside I can think of regarding this soap is it’s longevity. My first bar has shrank fairly quickly compared to store-bought brands. Don’t let that stop you though! I’d buy a case of Bubbles and Beads’ soap if I could! You also need to know that I shower twice a day. I hate getting up in the morning and not showering (I live in Texas, it’s hot, I sweat), but I also hate the idea of getting into bed without being clean. So, I am rather hard on soap products. I’m a showering son of a gun, I tell you!

I would give Bubbles and Beads’ soap a…

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4/5 Rating

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