I learned something new this week! Peafowl suck at eating watermelon! Look at that sad sad SAD photo above. While the peafowl really loved the watermelon, they mostly walked around with huge chunks in their mouth that they EVENTUALLY managed to swallow.

Our peafowl are the most difficult birds to offer treats to. They don’t really like bread, they don’t really like lettuce, they don’t really like…anything.

Have you ever played the game Chubby Bunny? The object of the game is to get a bag of BIG marshmellows, put one in your mouth, say Chubby Bunny, and repeat til you can’t say Chubby Bunny. It’s actually pretty fun! I think that white peahen in the background of the above picture was playing Chubby Bunny. And losing.

HOWEVER! Peafowl were not the only ones to join in on the watermelon frenzy.

Everyone was allowed to partake in the watermelon! It was a glorious day filled with mead, mutton, and watermelon!

Really, though. If you are having a warm day, as many of us Texas dwellers are, buy some watermelon. NOOO! Not from the supermarket! NO! BAD! You’re paying way too much for watermelon. Go to a flea market or farmer’s market. If you ask, they’ll normally give you all the watermelon that’s gone a bit too soggy. We were given 5 or so watermelons this last weekend just by asking.

We tried freezing the watermelon once, thinking it would just help to cool the birds even more…we ended up with a big round brick of ice. When it FINALLY defrosted, it was yucky. The inside was gooshy water and the outside looked old and saggy. It was strange.

Now I leave you…

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