IMG_0079It is an exciting time on the farm! We have our first piglets! Nine of them, to be exact. Bacon, our Hampshire cross girl, was visited by a “travelling man” and now has some very uniquely colored babies to show for it!

IMG_0042For a while, we could not tell if Bacon was just horrendously fat OR if she was with child. So, seeing 9 little piglets was quite a shock for us. John quickly lavished Bacon with bowls of food and water right by her nest. The babies didn’t make a ton of noise other than cute little squeaks.

IMG_0024-3IMG_0069I didn’t expect the piglets to play very much, but they play like puppies. They chase each other, run in circles, grab one another by the ear….and then pass out from exhaustion. They’re quite a joy to watch. I didn’t think that a baby pig would be so entertaining!