Many new adventures have been taking place on the farm!


First off, we finally moved! We are now the happy owners of a house and beautiful land. Most of the land is pasture, but we do also have a nice stock tank (that has yet to run dry) and a couple small wooded areas. There is also lambing pen and a 100×200′ riding arena (that will temporarily become another animal pen and I will reveal more about that shortly). We plan on splitting our main pasture in half soon to accommodate two breeding flocks of Jacob sheep and there are plans to construct a barn with multiple stalls, wool storage, and shearing space.

In terms of animal breeding, we have really narrowed down our goals. We no longer actively breed any chickens or goats. We have decided to focus solely on our Jacob sheep and have made huge leaps and bounds by adding registered sheep from Bide A Wee Farm in Oregon. 2015 will be the year we make diligent efforts to have our remaining sheep inspected and registered as well.


(Bide A Wee Robbie pictures above)

But sheep have not been the biggest addition to our household. In April 2015, we will be welcoming baby Elijah into our home! Mr. Abundance and I have talked about having a child for the last 4 years and finally decided we were ready. We are both incredibly excited for Elijah’s arrival on April 16th.


And now that will explain why my lovely riding arena will become an animal pen for the next 9-12 months. We have contemplated turning it into a gigantic pig pen. This would keep the ground well tilled and soft, but I do worry about how much poopoo will accumulate. If nothing else, we can use it as a ram or lamb grow out pen.

All in all, we have been very busy. Mr Abundance has become the chaplain and a volunteer in our city’s fire department, we have been pastoring a church for about 18 months, the farm has been receiving many face lifts and new constructions, and of course…I’m busy incubating a baby and nesting. I will be making some changes to our website to better showcase our sheep and I’m hoping to get back into the swing of blogging! I do have an article coming up in Hobby Farm Home soon, so be on the lookout! Abundance Farms is coming back to ya!