I have finally started my first garden ever! Join me on a journey through seeds, weeds, and buds!

I said this was my first garden ever, but that was kind of a lie. About four years ago, while still living in Montana, I started a small garden. I can’t even recall what I planted. About a week after starting the garden, John and I were away on various business trips for a month. My garden suffered. It was overtaken by grass, weeds, and dog poo. I didn’t even look at it twice.

But this year, I mean serious business! I’m not away on business trips nearly as much, so I’m able to dedicate myself to this “gardening” business. \

IMG_0005What started off a small garden that would contain corn, a few peppers, potatoes, and onions quickly turned into a metropolis of tomatoes, tomatillos, watermelon, strawberries, potatoes, peppers, corn, sunflowers, onions, and garlic! After planting just a few rows, I found myself tilling more soil for all the extra plants that I had come across. Above, you can see how my corn is doing. Honestly, I can’t even remember what type of corn it is. Mental note: KEEP ALL SEED PACKETS!

IMG_0004In the next picture, you can see the reason why I ran into the house squealing a few days ago. MY FIRST TOMATOES (and oh my goodness, do I see a weed seed about halfway up the photo on the right)! Of course, I forgot to buy a tomato cage. I didn’t even know I needed one until I visited a friend’s garden and saw all her tomatoes planted surrounded by the odd wire contraption. I am truly a gardening newbie.

IMG_0001Next, you can see my tomatillo plant (John wanted tomatillos, I have no idea why). If you look closely at the bloom, you can see a somewhat evil looking face.



This has brought me to the conclusion that tomatillos have an evil streak. I can already tell that this plant will call out to the weeds and amass an army (it even looks like it wringing its hands together as it plots its evilness).

So far, I have been enjoying gardening. I have had one pepper plant die, but everything else seems positive! Any tips for a beginning gardener? Any recipes for tomatillos? Feel free to post here OR on our Facebook page!