Mans-Best-FriendWhile many may claim that man’s best friend is the dog, we have a different opinion at Abundance Farms. When Mr. Abundance heads out to the pasture, his first stop is to see a lucky little critter. He’ll bypass the horse, the dogs, the sheep, the emus, the chickens…he’ll go right by a great variety of animals in search of a very specific buddy of his. That “buddy” is 300+/- pounds, can destroy most fences, and likes to use him as a scratching post. She goes by the name BACON.

I’ll start this off by confessing something to you all.

I do NOT like pigs

Yes, the lil babies are way cute. They have cute wittle noses. They can be playful and dog-like. Yup.

They’re also ridiculously smart…and disturbingly strong. My sweet husband’s first pig was a diva and a half. She went by the name “Piggy Pig” and was a menace on four stumpy legs. I thought it would be neat to haveĀ a pig. I can’t even recall my reasoning beyond that, honestly. I was new to farming. New and naive.

Piggy Pig quickly became a destroyer of all things fenced. We had mainly chicken wire and boy, she plowed through that as she ate all the feed in our chicken breeding pens. Piggy Pig found a new home.

Then came three wild piglets. Our neighbor at the time would buy and sell wild hogs. If he had a sow give birth in the pen, momma would get sold off and the piglets would die. I hated that. Hubby hated that. And thus, we adopted three piglets that came from a wild sow.

They were supposed to just be meat hogs…well, two of them did end up in our freezer. One was special though. She came when called. She would walk beside Mr. Abundance. She liked to be pet and scratched. Her name was Bacon.


Honestly, I was unamused. Bacon was just like Miss Piggy, but also had a spoiled attitude. It was even worse when she got pregnant (wild boars think she’s hot). Mr. Abundance and I had built this really cool goat shelter that the goats to escape the weather IN and play ON. It had a ramp and everything. One day, Bacon decided that was her shed. She also decided that it needed to be renovated. BAM! She made a big hole in one side. That wasn’t enough though. After a while, she decided it was ugly and needed to go away. So, Bacon completely tore it down. One minute it was a shelter with a random hole, the next minute it was a pile of lumber.

I did not like Bacon. Not one bit.

Then Bacon had babies (known as “bacon bits”)


Now, they were pretty cute. Especially when they did basically nothing but nurse, play, and sleep. Rather quickly, they became miniature versions of Bacon. The only redeeming factor about these pigs was that they made my husband incredibly happy. Happy as a pig in slop.

Then came time for us to move. We finally bought a house! Oh the joys. The nice part was that Bacon was not the hardest animal to move (which shocked me). Mr Abundance led her into the trailer and she was good with the whole process. We unloaded her and her babies at the new property and for once, I was quite amused by her. She ran around, explored every part of the land, and seemed rather content. She also helped us discover any parts of the fence that needed reinforcement. How nice of her, right? Yeeeea.

IMG_0015-3Bacon has not been nearly as destructive on the new property as she was on the old one. Maybe she was just discontent with the previous land? Our land now is much nicer and offers more for her to do. She and my hubby still play around a lot together. She enjoys crawling into his lap and he just laughs while lavishing her with attention.

IMG_0056-3I still can’t say I’m a pig fan. Again, they have smarts and strength on their side (really, I’ll just sum they’re personality up as ‘mischievous’). However, I enjoy seeing my husband, Mr. Abundance, smiling and laughing while he tends to his pigs. Recently, I found Yorkshire pigs for sale online at a fabulous price. At first, I was hesitant…then I found myself e-mailing the seller, setting up an appointment, and less than 10 hours later, we were picking up two new sows.


Pigs aren’t my thing. But they are my husband’s. Just as he supports me in all my random hobbies, I will support him…as long as I don’t have to do much in the pig tending arena.