“When one thinks of ancient landraces of poultry, one breed stands heads above the rest of the flock – the Malay chicken.  Standing as tall as 26” to 30”, with cocks weighing 9 lbs and hens 7 lbs, Malays were said to be able to eat grain from the top of a barrel or a common dining-table….The Malay chicken was the first of the gigantic Asiatic fowl introduced to the western world. The breed’s unique appearance attracted attention, but it was found wanting as general fowl. Historically, as a meat producing fowl, the Malay had as many detractors as followers. Some writers criticized the meat for being coarse and dry in nature, while others extolled the firm grain and large amount of meat the breed produces. The breed does tend to be lean, a benefit in tropical climates, and does not lay fat on the breast.” –

Malays are still quite new to Abundance Farms. We will be offering Malays in a mix blue wheaten, wheaten, splash wheaten, and bbred at different periods of time. While our Malays have a healthy fear of people, they are aggressive when it comes to other chickens (roosters or hens). Our hens lay every other day on average.

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