Ah, it’s almost that wonderful time of the year.


Yes, it is just about upon us. I think we still have about a month to go. However, we have sighted some our emus breeding already! Not often, just once or twice. I wonder when we’ll see our first egg…

At any rate, with testosterone running high, I have seen some of the boys go a little crazy.

Archimedes (the short one) has been running up to our other (suspected) males and FREAKING OUT. The emu in front of Archimedes reared up and started to flair out his neck feathers (any ideas if that area of feathers has a name?). You can also see another emu taking off at the right side of the frame (one is standing still, but right next to it…).

You can see another two running around (don’t drip on the sprinkler)! This happens almost daily, but usually only for about an hour or so. It’s still so blasted hot here (Central Texas), so I think they get tired pretty quickly. After a bunch of running, they retire pretty quickly to the ponds.

I’m hoping to get a little bit of video of the emus spazzing out. It’s VERY entertaining and there isn’t any serious fighting – just chasing.

Oh, if you’ve never seen emus mating, you should Youtube it. It’s pretty…weird.