When you have an animal, there’s a few things you want to know about it. What kind of animal is it? How old is it? And…what is its sex? Some people can only have or only want hens. When it comes to ADULT ducks, there’s a few ways to try to identify the sex by eyes and ears. Continue reading to figure out who’s who in the gender game.


Your first hint that you’re looking at a drake is fairly easy to witness. Is it trying to mate with another duck? If so, there’s a good chance that it’s a boy! I have seen female animals try to take a male position in mating, but not very often. I highly recommend just watching how the ducks behave in order to determine sexes.


But maybe you don’t have time to stand and watch a flock of ducks. You need to bring a duck home, pick up the kids from school, make dinner, clean house, or whatever many other tasks. Let’s try to identify the duck by its voice now. Drakes will have a much deeper quack than hens. It may be hard to know what you’re looking for, but as soon as you hear a quack from a hen (higher) and a quack from a drake (lower), it does become fairly easy to tell them apart. It has also been suggested that hens quack a lot more than drakes. I’m not sure how true that is, but if you have an opinion, be sure to share it!

        3. DRAKE FEATHER

Finally, you can identify a drake by his drake feather (pictured below).


The ‘drake feather’ is located towards the end of his tail. It will curl towards forwards and is pretty stinking adorable.

          4. Patience

The final way to identify the sex of a duck involves patience. Just wait for the hens to start laying eggs. If it lays an egg, it’s a girl! If it’s making the eggs fertile (bow chicka wow woooow), it’s a drake! That may seem pretty obvious, but sometimes I just wait to see which ducks are laying eggs in order to fully confirm sex. I have a big barnyard and a lot of time to wait and see what develops, so I don’t mind taking the “patient” route.


I hope you are now well on your way to identifying a few of those questionable ducks! If you have any tips to add, please leave a comment!