LuziaTITLELuzia Minera is a registered Thoroughbred mare out of Aljabr and Balanced Action. She was born in 2003 and spent some time on the race track. After being retired, she became a trail horse. Now, she’s become a great mare in need of some retraining and love. Luzia has speed and a big attitude, but she has already come a long way since being underweight and uncared for. She’s quick on her feet and fast to learn. Currently, she is learning about liberty training and enjoys herding our two donkeys.

poadsd PreacherPreacher is a true rescue. He had been tied to a trailer in a muddy pen and left to starve. He finally broke free and was found on another horse owner’s property. The owner that had abused him was confronted by police and gave Preacher up. Shortly after that, my trainer told me a sad story of a cute grey Arabian. I was shown a picture of him and could not contain my heart’s beat. He was incredibly underweight, but this sweet little gelding could not be resisted! I took him home and he has proven himself to be a beautiful jumper and a calm trail horse. He is brave, willing, and kind. His only vice is his fear of being tied (more than likely from being left to starve to death while tied to that trailer).