The above little animation is of Archimedes after a swim. I was trying to get some good, low-to-the-ground shots and silly Archimedes wouldn’t leave me alone! What that really translates to is “I LOVE ARCHIMEDES! He is the bestest emu in the whole wide world”

Honestly, Archimedes wasn’t too bad. I did still get some interesting water shots of the emus!

now, doesn’t that picture remind you of a certain scene in a certain movie?

Oh yea! I HAVE DANCIN’ EMUS! Too bad it wasn’t raining outside…

While that pictuer of the emu looks very cute, just wait til you see what a fully soaked emu looks like!

Not so pretty and lovely anymore! Instantly the emus look so much smaller when they’re wet. It’s amazing how much FLUFF their feathers give them.

Do you have any animals that like to chill out in the water? I can’t say our chickens enjoy it, though they will stand in the mud in to keep cool.