Guineas. Guinea fowl. Whichever you call it, they be some scary little birds! I’m fairly certain that guinea feed off of fear…or at least ours do. They seem to relish the idea of chasing Spot (my Ameraucauna rooster) and pecking his head until he finally pushes his head through our fence so they can’t get his comb. It is a sad thing. I have even witnessed one of our guineas attempt to charge our adult emus! The guinea lives, so I suppose even the emus fear the guineas horrible screeches and random-volcano-protruding-from-their-head. See it? Look up at that picture! Look at the top of it’s head! Tell me that’s not a volcano!!!

I’m pretty certain that guineas are the evil, miniature spawn of pterodactyls.

(screenshot from a movie called Pterodactyls)

See the lump-thing-volcano on the Pterodactyl’s head?! Yes. The Pterodactyl has cross-bred with…

(Image from:

The great spotted owl!

In order to produce…

GUINEA FOWL! The horror! You want to know what is horrifying about this picture? When we got our adult emus, they were only fed corn by their previous owner. Whole corn…they don’t digest it well….so, the guineas are picking through a big pile of emu poopie filled with corny goodness.

The two most common types of guineas to find in our area are Pearls and Lavenders. Below are the colors of the two:

(Lavender, left. Pearl, right).

There are some really epic looking guineas out there. Google “vulturine guineas” to see the best guinea fowl in the WOOOORLD!

And there’s another picture of a guinea eating emu leftovers for you! Have a great day :D