Bottle feeding your goat kidd can be difficult and expensive. There are many commercial powder goat milk replacers, but my experience with those have almost always ended with scours and unhealthy kidds. A little while ago, one of my Navajo Angora does had twins. She kept the doeling, but had rejected the buckling in the most violent manner I had ever seen. Any other kidds that had been rejected were simply ignored by the mother. Instead, the Navajo Angora mother began to headbutt the rejected buckling and would not let him anywhere near her or her doeling. It was obvious that we would be bottle feeding a goat for the next few months.

The main reason I did NOT want to bottle feed a kidd was because I really didn’t want to deal with another round of scours. Old Brodbeck Farm then suggested that I look up some milk replacers recipes! For the first couple of days, we milked the Navajo Angora to ensure that the buckling (now named Geronimo) would get colostrum. After that, we set out to the grocery store to buy our goat milk replacer ingredients. Here’s what we bought:


1 Gallon Whole Milk

½ Gallon Buttermilk

1 12-ounce Can Evaporated Milk

Here’s how to mix the ingredients:

Pour out 2 cups of Whole Milk into a bowl. Add 1 cup of Buttermilk and 1 can of evaporated milk to Whole Milk jug. Put cap back on Whole Milk and shake to mix ingredients. Pour appropriate amount of milk into kidd bottle and place bottle in pot of warm/hot water to warm up milk. Refrigerate remaining Whole Milk mixture and unused ingredients.



If your kidd does start to scour a little bit, we have found that adding one egg to the mixture helps quickly.  If scouring continues for more than just a few days, consult your local vet! Scouring should not be taken lightly.

Now that you’re making your own goat milk replacer, you should see better results compared to commercial powder milk replacers! If you have your own milk replacer recipe that works well for you, share it in the comments or on our Facebook!