Emus are big, ferocious, vicious, scary birds that are not to be messed with!



Today I’m going to talk about something that bothers me when people see our emus. Many of our visitors are instantly freaked out and don’t want to get anywhere near the emus. They claim that they know a person, who knows or has heard of a person who was attacked by an emu (this is not limited to being disemboweled or having a limb torn off). I am sorry folks, but STOP IT!


If you want the cold, hard truth…our main rooster, Spot, is more dangerous than our emus. Sure, if you go after the emus and try to catch them, they’ll be scared. They’ll jump, run, and try as hard as possibly to get away. Yes, you could be injured when trying to catch an emu. But how many of you are trying to catch an emu? Hmmmmmmmm? If I see anyone that we have not hired trying to catch our emus, I’m throwing you off the property.

Now, lets talk about what injuries John and I have actually gotten from our emus.

When we tried to catch the emus (keyword: CATCH), it was dangerous and scary. Why? They were not taken care of and were abused. Basically wild and VERY scared. John and I both got bruises. No scratches. BRUISES. Another recent injury was just a few days ago. My baby emu (less than 6 months old), Archimedes, went over to John. John was crouched down and had his back turned. Archimedes grabbed John’s ear and twisted it really hard. Archimedes twisted and pulled his ear hard enough that it left bruises….but he did NOT rip John’s ear off.

Now, let me tell you that when an emu does bite, it hurts like the dickens. It’s not fun, but they’ve NEVER torn off any of our limbs (I can show ya proof!).

I also know that emus can cause serious injuries to people. They are capable. JUST LIKE ANY OTHER ANIMALS! I have been hurt more by kittens (I used to foster and tame feral kittens) than by any of our TWELVE emus.

I don’t really blame people for having a bit of fear when it comes to the emus, honestly. I’m a little bit afraid of anything bigger than me. I’m afraid of horses, cows, and the mosquito here in Texas. Those are big critters! On the other side, I don’t consider any of them blood thirsty, evil, vile, out-to-eat-your-soul type of animals (ok, maybe the mosquito).

And people, I know that YOU know someone who knows someone who has HEARD of someone who was decapitated by an emu. I also know of a little boy who was attacked by a rooster and had a spur stuck through his cheek. We all know a million horror stories about various animals…some are true, some aren’t. Just keep in mind that ALL animals are dangerous to some degree.


But please stop hating on the emus CONSTANTLY. Go to Youtube and look up Cassowary. You’ll find videos of Cassowary attacking trees, for crying out loud.


If you just don’t like big ol emus at all…buy an emu chick. They’re the cutest things ever. If you work with them and spend lots of time with them, they can be the best friends you’ve ever had! I know people who harness train their emus so that they can take them for walks. I’ve even seen emus dressed up for Christmas (elf hat and Santa coat for the win). However, if you’re looking at a wild emu and thinking “wow, that’s a wild crazy bird. Scary!”…DUH! It’s wild. Wild animals usually aren’t nice animals.


End of rant for the day! Again, emus can be dangerous and can cause serious injuries…but so can horses. So, love an emu today!