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Above is a series of 15 photos of a Bourbon Red turkey hen dusting. This was a pain to get. Why? The tom would not stop stepping in front of the camera! All I needed was about 10 seconds of him OUT OF THE WAY. After a bit of time and patience, I got my way :)

So, why do our feathered friends dust? I’d say mostly to get rid of bugs and to keep clean. Once a week, John goes and busts up dirt in each one of our breeder pens to ensure that all our birds have access to soft dirt that they can dust in. I have also heard of people using sand for their birds to dust in, but I don’t know if that’s “good” or not.

If you can, just grab a handy dandy pickaxe and make sure all animals are out of your. Then get all Hulk on that hard patch of dirt (HULK SMASH). Your birds will thank you for it and entertain you with their strange looking dust bathing techniques.