Looking for some toys for your horses (or perhaps other mammals) that wont break the bank? I’ve been on the hunt for toys that I can make from items I have laying around the barn or can pick up from yard sales! Today, I’d like to introduce the NET BALL.

A while back, I found a big red yoga ball for $2 at a yard sale. Instantly, I had visions of my horses rolling it around, kicking it, and having a blast. Instead, this is what they did.

IMG_0098They stared at it. Then they stared at it some more. Then they walked away and the yoga ball was destined for the garbage. As I was going back inside, I saw a hay net that I had bought back in the day when I didn’t know the wonders of round bales and hay rings. In an effort to “revitalize” a failed toy, I opened up the hay net, put the yoga ball inside, and then threw it back into the pen.

Sadly, I had the same awkward stares from the horses. To try to spruce the toy up further, I hung it from a tree. This was more of a success!

IMG_0021-2Preacher was quite intrigued! He began to bump it, sniff it, hit it with his head…I had found a winner this time!

IMG_0134IMG_0143Luzia thought of it more as a back scratcher and Preacher tried his best to make sure she got both sides of her body well-itched. For a few days, this was a hit toy! Unfortunately, they did grow tired of it after about a week. Luzia ignores it completely, but every so often I see Preacher give it a good nose bump before he heads off to findĀ  more amusing things.

Altogether, this toy cost me less than $20 to make. The most expensive part was the hay net that I had purchased brand new, but stopped using. So, if you already have a hay net and just need a yoga ball, check out your local yard sales! There are lots of people who have thoroughly given up on the idea of exercise, so it shouldn’t been too hard to find cheap yoga balls that have never been removed from the box!