Thing-Called-LoveOk, I realized AFTER I made the little graphic that it’s “crazy little thing called love”, but ignore that for now. Why? Because we are about to talk about EMU LOOOOVE! To be far more blunt, we are going to talk about emu love making. Your kids probably don’t need/want to see the rest of this post, but if you’ve ever been a little curious about emu breeding rituals, keep on reading!We have three emus – Archimedes (male), Genghis Khan (male), and Thumper (female). Your first thoughts may involve feeling pity for Thumper, but strike away those feelings! Instead, place your pity on the boys. In the intriguing world of emus, the lady emu rules the roost. She dictates who gets to breed her and after laying the egg(s), she’s right back out to the pasture and it’s up to her man to take care of the nest and egg.

Emu breeding can go one of two ways – well or horrifying. For the breeding to go well, the hen will lay down, stick her rear up a little bit, and then the male will come running. He’ll get close to the ground, scoot up behind her, and then magic happens. Very disturbing, disgusting, I-can’t-look-away magic.


This was one of the first times that I had ever seen an emu penis (luckily for you, you cannot see it in this photo). I’m not sure what I expected, but I did not think it would be so…red…for lack of a better description. I’ve never seen a chicken’s man parts. I’ve seen a duck’s (and freaked out a bit because I thought it was his intestines). The emu disturbed me (they do that often).

After Archimedes was done, he made this really strange “zzz zzz” noise a few times, then pecked her neck a bit (er, a “thanks, sweetie” kiss?), and left.




(random guinea in the bottom right corner)

Thumper will only allow Archimedes to breed her and really, that is a new development. Previously, she’d just beat the living tar out of them! This involved her hissing and kicking their booty as they desperately tried to outrun her. BUT if Mr. Abundance or I did as much as lay a hand on her back (usually to try to get her out of our walking way), she’d drop down and lift her rear in the air. Talk about awkward! It would seem Archimedes has (sorta) won her heart though. While she will chase him off and make him regret ever breathing in her general direction 9 out of 10 times, there is still that 10% chance…the chance that love in indeed in the air!