AngoraKids (6 of 6)We have some absolutely, positivitely, magnificiently, adorable new arrivals to the farm! Yesterday evening, one of our Angora does gave birth to two stunning little does! These are the first Angoras that have been born at Abundance Farms and they will certainly be staying with us! Read more to see some extra cute pictures of the twins

AngoraKids (1 of 6)

Here’s momma and her new kids! John and I waited patiently for the birth to begin. At 4:45pm, I had my one hour horse riding lesson. When we got back (around 600pm), the kids were already on the ground! At first I thought I was seeing a couple Pekins by the Angora mom, but then I heard that blissful “baah”ing.

AngoraKids (2 of 6)

After “ooh”ing and “aah”ing, it came time to get personal with the babies. I maneuvered around them a little and BEHOLD! Two sweet little does. This is the second time we’ve had doe twins since owning goats. We usually have one buck and one doe. This is very exciting for us! The doe above arrived 2nd to her sister.

AngoraKids (3 of 6) AngoraKids (4 of 6) AngoraKids (5 of 6)The doe in the above three photos arrived first. She is a tad bigger than her younger sister, but other than that…I have no idea how I’m going to tell them apart pretty soon!


If you have any name suggestions for the twin does, please post them here OR on our Facebook page! Momma Angora has been going by “El Blanco”, but doesn’t really have an official name either. NAME AWAY!