The Story of Abundance Farms

               The story of Abundance Farms starts in a NW town in Montana at a feed store. My husband, John, and I were at a feed store picking up dog food. I heard a strange noise and saw a big silver tub with a light over it. To me completely shock, I saw a bunch of squirrel-y looking fluff balls running around inside the tub. Chicks! Who in the world would ever own chickens, I wondered. Until I moved to Montana, I grew up in cities. I had a dog for a short time and mostly fish or lizards after that. Who owns chickens?!

I left the feed store with two chicks that were 99.9% going to be hens. They grew up in our bedroom (next to my side of the bed) in a dog crate. Our 6 ft tall terrarium was converted into a chicken coop and the two chickens had a home in our backyard. Then the crowing began. Our two “99.9% going to be hens” turned out to be one hen and a loud rooster. By this time we had acquired a handful of ducks and they swam around in our pond (also successfully destroying our rose garden). We had been considering moving off-and-on. Finally, we decided to move out-of-state and gave ourselves a deadline to be moved by. In September 2011, we found ourselves in Elm Mott, Texas. The two little chicks (Spot [rooster] and Waldo [hen]) had grown up and our ducks were as fantastic as ever.

We managed to pick up a few more chickens here and there. We were buying our first turkey and the seller mentioned a bird auction. Of course, John and I attended the bird auction. We came home with more birds that I had ever imagined owning. Over the next year, we hatched almost 1,000 Pekin ducks and started exploring different breeds of chickens. It was all a very new learning experience that involved some good times and some bad times. Since then we have branched into several different types of animals, but still thoroughly enjoy our egg layers! Please join our adventure by liking us on Facebook or subscribing to our blog.


About Marissa Carabin

Marissa (1 of 2)

                My name is Marissa and I’m a girl who loves. Loves what? A lot of things. First and foremost, I love Jesus. I love my husband. I love my friends and my family. I’m quick to like new people, I’m easy to get along with (if I’m not busy being shy), and I’m good at listening. I’m a bit of a coward. I’m afraid of heights, I cower in the presence of spiders, I shrivel away from competition, and I’m not particularly daring. In an effort to push myself, I had taken up horseback riding lessons and waslearning how to retrain my off-the-track-Thoroughbred. I was also an apprentice farrier. Now I am expecting my first child – a sweet little boy named Elijah whom will be with us in April 2015!

I enjoy fashion, video games, science fiction shows, and Chinese food. I am a Fine Art Photographer and have been featured in galleries and art shows. I have worked for jewelry companies in the past, shooting advertisements and creating catalog images. Nowadays, I take hundreds and sometimes thousands of photographs of my animals.

All-in-all, I’m just a girl with a farm!

About John Carabin


      For me Abundance Farms is about two things… the first is work.  “Those who work their land will have abundant food, but those who chase fantasies have no sense,” Proverbs 12:11. To that end I am the labor end of the farm, if there is a barn that needs built, a fence that needs mended if there is stuff that needs shoveled or a critter that needs fed, that is my job.  A lot of the time work equals trying new things, sometimes failing at them and then trying again, and seeing the fruit of my labor and the betterment of our farm.   There is a line in the movie Kingdom of Heaven that says “What man is truly a man who does not make the world a better place”.  By my work here, I am trying to make my little piece of this world a better place.
Which brings me to the second thing that Abundance Farms is  the culmination of all my heart’s desires.  God is allowing me to interact, care for and work with his Abundant creation in partnership with the single greatest woman I have ever known.  I have always loved animals, but my bride has expanded my knowledge in so many ways.  In the short time we have had the farm I have learned so much; who knew there were chickens that grew 3 feet tall or others that had tails that grew 5 feet long? Who knew sheep could have 4 or 6 horns or that the average person could own and raise peacocks?  I have traveled all over the world, lived in a lot of different places, and seen so many strange and exotic things but working alongside Marissa on the farm has been the single greatest experience of my life.